How to Wear Magnetic Bracelets Correctly

March 01, 2014 2 min read

How to Wear Magnetic Bracelets Correctly

Magnetic BraceletsMagnetic bracelets and other types of magnetic jewellery have recently become very popular. This is mainly due to the fact that recent studies have now finally confirmed that magnetic fields do indeed have a positive effect on our body and health.

The numerous health benefits such as their ability to relieve pains that range from migraines to arthritis are of course the main reason that many are now taking a closer look at magnetic bracelets. Here in this post I want to give you some tips about how to wear this type of jewellery correctly for maximum positive effect for your health.

Magnetic bracelets normally have two magnetic poles, a positive pole and a negative pole. Sometimes the poles can be marked on the bracelet but that is not always the case. Here it can help if you look over the instructions that come with the magnetic bracelets since they normally contain this information.

The theory now is that the magnetic fields created by the bracelet can have a different effect depending on the orientation of the magnets. Alternative healers normally recommend that the negative pole should be against the wearer’s skin. Here again see whether the instructions for your jewellery contain more information about the recommended way to wear the bracelet.

Some alternative healers say it can be a good idea to wear the magnetic bracelet at or near what is called reflex zones. Those zones on our bodies are similar to acupressure points where the stimulation of a certain zone or point can have a beneficial effect for various areas on our bodies. If you get a book about acupressure or reflexology you can learn about those points and where they are located. You can then wear the bracelet close to those reflex zones to stimulate particular parts of your body.

As with any type of jewellery, do not wear the bracelets either too loose or too tight. The bracelet should fit snuggly without feeling like it would immediately come off and it should definitely not be too tight either.

In regards to cleaning your magnetic bracelet if you need to, the best thing you can do is to use mild soap and water. Stay away from any jewellery cleaners and definitely avoid jewellery cleaning devices. If you use those they could result in your magnetic bracelet losing its magnetic properties.

If you know how to wear your magnetic bracelet correctly and how to take care of it you will get the maximum benefit.

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