How Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

March 10, 2014 2 min read 1 Comment

How Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

Magnetic bracelets or sometimes also called "arthritis bracelets" work by taking advantage of the beneficial effects that magnetic fields have on our bodies.

The theory about how magnets can help our overall well-being and in particular how they help in the relief and prevention of conditions such as arthritis or joint pains is known since ancient times.

Reports about the benefits of magnetic jewellery such as armbands or necklaces go back several thousands of years where Greeks and Egyptians made first use of them for the healing of various body ailments and pains. The Chinese, master in various alternative health techniques used magnets in ancient times in acupuncture according to old, Chinese texts.

Today, magnetic therapy or Magnotherapy how it is sometimes called is widely recognized by alternative healers all over the globe. Moreover, several studies have been conducted recently that prove that magnetic bracelets have indeed a positive effect in the treatment of conditions like arthritis and other sorts of pains.

What is the theory behind the effect of magnetic fields on our health?

With their two magnetic poles, their north and south polarities, the magnetic fields created by magnetic jewellery   penetrate our skin.  This magnetic field reach your muscles and tissues. It can influence our blood cells which are proven to be susceptible to magnetic fields.  While the exact modus operandi of how magnetic fields work is not entirely understood, one theory is that the magnetic fields can influence the blood's ph level positively. 

The above mentioned health studies, some of them conducted using double-blind testing to eliminate any errors show various benefits for the treatment of arthritis and other conditions. More health benefits from wearing magnetic bracelets are said to be the promotion of better sleep, beneficial effects for a variety of nervous conditions along with an overall better well-being.

Today, magnetic bracelets are made affordable and they are available in many styles for you to choose from. Due to their attractive price you won't lose anything if you try them for yourself! Why not get a magnetic bracelet today and combine chic and style with their many benefits for your health?


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Jermaine Buckey
Jermaine Buckey

July 29, 2018

There has been a lot of people interested in magnetic types of bracelets but Germanium Bracelets have been well known in Asian and European countries for many years. I strongly feeling the benefits of germanium bracelets like increased blood circulation, relieved joint and muscle pain, relieved fatigue and tiredness.

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