Can Magnets Really Help With Pain Relief?

March 11, 2014 2 min read

Can Magnets Really Help With Pain Relief?

With increasingly more people reading about the beneficial effects of magnets for our health, there may still be the one or the other skeptic who doesn't believe in the effectiveness of magnetic jewellery in the treatment of various health conditions.

This is astonishing since especially in more recent times more health studies have been conducted which confirm the effects of magnetic fields and magnetic jewellery in the successful relief of various pains such as arthritis pains, muscle pains and joint pains. In other words, the positive effects of magnets on our body are not merely anecdotal but are now backed by scientific research.

For those who are still skeptical, here is a good comparison.

Magnetic therapy is at least as effective for our health and well-being as are the positive and therapeutic effects of acupuncture. In fact, the use of magnetic jewellery goes back to the same time in history where the Chinese discovered acupuncture as a holistic and effective healing method. Obviously, the exact way how acupuncture works is still not understood by many Western medicinal practitioners. However there can be no doubt about acupuncture's effectiveness seeing the millions of people treated with it successfully for various ailments today.

Since studies have now shown the effectiveness of magnetic fields for the treatment of various health conditions, disregarding the theory behind it as "humbug" can only be seen as very unprofessional. A medical practitioner who ignores the fact that thousands of people everywhere report good results with Magnotherapy acts insofar irresponsible as seeing his/her biased opinion as more valuable than the health of their patients which should be their primary goal.

Magnetic jewellery has several advantages

Unlike expensive special medical therapies, magnetic jewellery only costs pennies on the dollar. A magnetic bracelet or similar piece of jewellery today can be bought for very little money. There are no reported side-effects or any other negative effects reported from wearing magnetic jewellery. From this point of view, considering the low costs and virtually no risk for the patient it would simply be foolish not to consider this promising form of alternative health treatment. Nothing will be lost but a lot can be gained when medical practitioners today start learning about Magnotherapy and how it can benefit our health and well-being.

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