Are There Any Cons Of Wearing Magnetic Jewellery?

March 26, 2014 2 min read

With the increased popularity of magnetic jewellery such as great looking magnetic necklaces, armbands, rings or pendants it is no surprise that one may on occasion read about negatives of wearing this type of jewellery.

In the past, a few people reported rashes from wearing magnetic jewellery and others, mostly those new to magnetic jewellery, reported slight dizziness and a light-headed feeling.

Some research has been conducted already in regards to whether magnetic jewellery and the magnetic fields they produce have any harmful effect on the human body.

No correlation between the rare, occasional rash and magnetic jewellery has been found.

Likewise, it can be assumed that those few people who experienced rashes may have gotten them due to low quality materials used or that they were simply allergic against certain materials.

As for the sometimes reported lightheadedness and slight dizziness, research has concluded that this is the natural result from the increased and better blood circulation with magnetic jewellery and should not be a cause for concern. Usually, the body will require some time to adjust to new sensations which means that wearing the jewellery for some time will help here to get better accustomed.

In conclusion it had been found that magnetic jewellery has in no way any negative effects on those who wear them.

There is however one group of people who should be cautious when it comes to magnetic jewellery: Those people who have pacemakers implanted. In such cases, the magnetic fields can interfere with the proper function of the device. Those who have pacemakers should refrain from magnetic jewellery and not wear it.





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