Biohacking: A Primer For Newcomers

April 04, 2014 2 min read

What Is Biohacking?

The definition of Biohacking according to Wikipedia is

"[...] the practice of engaging biology with the hacker ethic. Biohacking encompasses a wide spectrum of practices and movements ranging from Grinders who design and install DIY body-enhancements such as magnetic implants to DIY biologists who conduct at-home gene sequencing."

Biohackers are individuals or groups that engage in DIY biology for reasons of entertainment and arts, medicine, life extension, and education. DIY Biology can often mean managing or improving one's own biology "using a combination of medical, nutritional and electronic techniques".

Biohacking will often comprise of body modifications for various purposes. From a certain point of view, a body piercing could be seen as one simple form of biohacking although more elaborate types of body modifications that can enhance our bodies would more fit the definition.

One philosophy behind Biohacking is the extension of our senses.

So called "Grinders" are those individuals who are hacking themselves with electronic hardware to "extend and improve human capacities". Examples for such body modifications would be implants that could range from simple LED lights to computer chips and devices such as remote controls or sensors that can read the body temperature, just to name some examples.

Fortunately, If you now got curious about Biohacking you don't really have to get a chip implanted since you can get some of the benefits of Biohacking and body enhancement without the often painful and complicated surgery.

A good example for this type of "hack" would be to wear Ionic jewellery such as Ion Wristbands. Obviously, the principle here is the same as with other types of Biohacks: Modern technology is used to provide a benefit for our health and body.

What are Ionic Bands and How Do They Work?

We are surrounded by electrically charged particles called Ions. Due to electromagnetic radiation that is present in the modern world, a lot more more positively charged Ions are present today and those have a negative effect on our health and well-being. The result of this imbalance can be a lack of energy, various body ailments and many other issues.

Ionic Jewellery from Energetix such as Ionic Powerbands help against this imbalance of positive ions that surrounds us by producing negatively charged ions. In fact, from all Ionic Jewellery available today, the Ionic Powerbands from Energetix are amongst the strongest you can get with more than 4000+ negatively charged ions per second for maximum effect. The ionic bands we offer do in addition not only produce beneficial negative ions but will also create far infra red radiation (FIR) that can penetrate organic matter 80x deeper as compared to other heat waves. This energy will gently elevate the body's surface temperature where it will activate major bodily functions.

Today, thanks to Ion Wristbands and other types of Ionic Jewellery you don't need to be a "hacker" to have the benefits of Biohacking. Ionic Jewellery is the easy way to improve your health and well-being without surgery and implants.

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