How Do Ionic Bracelets Work?

April 30, 2014 2 min read 1 Comment

Before I get into how Ionic jewellery works, let me at first point out that the benefits of negative ions for our health and well-being are not "pseudo quack science" but are in fact scientifically sound and proven. For a quick overview on what negative ions can do, you may start by visiting or various other reputable medical websites on the internet.

There are various ways to create negative ions, such as with negative ion generators that today can be obtained from many places. Obviously, getting such a device can be great if you find a suitable spot in your home or office for it.

Then again, those electronic ion generating devices aren't mobile, they will often need a power source where you plug them in and you cannot simply take them with you wherever you go.

This is where ionic jewellery such as ionic bracelets and other types of ionic jewellery come in.

Comparable to using a negative ion generator for your home, ionic bracelets produce the beneficial negative ions but without the disadvantages of those devices. There is no battery, power-source or any sort of maintenance required. You can wear Ionic jewellery like any other jewellery.

They are ideal if you want the health benefits of negative ions no matter where you are and where you go. You can even wear this type of jewellery during sports or whatever other activity.

How Do Ionic Bracelets Work?

The way how ionic jewellery work is that they are made with crushed tourmaline, a natural semi-precious gemstone that has shown to produce negative ions. The tourmaline is then mixed with surgical-grade silicone in a ratio that maximizes ion output but doesn't affect the stretch or the feel of the silicone. (Modern ionic jewellery such as the Ionic Power Bands from Infinity Pro can produce up to 4000 negative ions per second!)

Since the tourmaline does not only produce the negative ions but also the beneficial Far Infrared Rays and Alpha Waves, ionic jewellery combines multiple health benefits. In addition to that it is uncomplicated to use and very affordable.


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Kirsty white
Kirsty white

July 29, 2018

Devastated with the introduction of the metal clasped bracelet.
I’d worn infinity pro bracelets on my ankle for a number of years. Working as a nurse I am unable to wear anything below the elbow.

I stopped wearing the bracelets worrying about the new clasp being uncomfortable on my ankle.

I received an email with a 20% offer off and decided after 2 years of not wearing the ion bands to take advantage of the offer.

My health, sleep and fitness has nose dived in the last 2 years which helped me decide to try again.

Band came today, quick delivery. I haven’t cut it, attached metal clasp and on over my foot it went.
Large footed and large ankle people would struggle with that.

I’m not really aware of it around my ankle and the clasp doesn’t appear to be as worryingly uncomfortable as I thought.
So I’m really pleased. It looks like a superior product to the last band, more expensive but I can see why.
Thank you infinity pro.

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