Get The Best of Two Worlds With Ionic & Magnetic Power Bands

May 02, 2014 2 min read

Most likely you may know about the beneficial effects that magnetic jewellery can provide for our health. The same is true for ionic jewellery. People of all ages today wear ionic or magnetic bracelets, pendants or charms: Without question, the popularity of this type of jewellery is ever increasing.

Since both types of jewellery, the magnetic ones and those that can produce the beneficial negative ions have so many proven benefits, it's just natural to think about combining the best of the two so as to take fully advantage of both worlds.

You will be pleased to know that you can do exactly that today with Ionic & Magnetic Power Bands.

Let me go over the benefits of those Power Bands and why you should consider them, either for yourself or as a great gift idea for your loved ones.

The Ionic & Magnetic Magnacore Power Bands create 3500+ negative ions per second which makes them very powerful, second only to the Infinity Pro Tricore bracelets that can produce more than 4000 negative ions.

In addition to their ability to produce negative ions with all their benefits for our well-being and health, those power bands have two 1000 gauss neo magnets. In other words, they combine magnetic therapy with the healing power of negative ions!

In the same way as our other power bands, the Ionic & Magnetic Power Bands are made from tourmaline that is crushed and mixed into silicone using a special technique which makes this jewellery stretchy, durable and very comfortable to wear.

It is 100% water-proof and cannot slip. This makes the Ionic & Magnetic Power Bands ideal for those who love sports. In fact, many pro-golfers today use our power bands with great success.

The magnetic and ionic Magnacore Power Bands are available in many different colors, some will even glow in the dark. If you're looking for the best of both worlds and want to have the benefits of magnetic therapy along with the great effects of powerful negative ions, check out the Magnacore Power Bands from Infinity Pro!


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