Magnetic Bracelets and Sea Sickness

June 12, 2014 2 min read

If you have ever experienced seasickness, then you will know that it is quite debilitating. It actually stops you from doing certain things in your life and you will avoid going on boats and cruise ships. 

This means that if someone in your family wants to go on a cruise holiday, you will miss out because you don’t want to get sick. You have to understand that sea sickness is not the same as a phobia. You are not afraid of boats; you just get sick on them. 

No choice 

There will be times in your life when you will have to go on a boat and you should make sure that you do the right thing when it comes to looking after yourself at sea. 

If you get sick constantly, then you are going to become dehydrated. Therefore, you have to make sure that you drink lots of water; otherwise you could become even weaker with dehydration. 

Alternatives to medicine 

A lot of the time, you might take some medicine on board with you, so that you don’t feel sick. This only works for a small number of people though. You might find that the medicine has no affect and you are still being sick. Therefore, you will have to look for an alternative to medicine. 

Magnetic Bracelets 

Some sufferers have found that they have some success with magnetic bracelets. The magnet inside the bracelet rests on an acupuncture spot on the wrist and when pressure is applied to it, it makes you feel more tranquil and less sick. 

You should know that there are no scientific studies to corroborate this claim, but some sufferers do see success with these bracelets and they are able to go on cruises with their families, without being sick.

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