Magnetic Bracelets and Pregnancy

June 20, 2014 2 min read

Magnetic bracelets are very popular at the moment because people see the benefits of wearing them. They can help with nausea, anxiety and sometimes even seasickness. 

If you have been wearing a magnetic bracelet for some time and you discover that you are pregnant, you might be reluctant to take it off because all of the symptoms that you were protected from will come back. 


Can they harm the baby? 


The reason that you might be more likely to take it off is because you feel that it might harm the baby. However there has been no scientific evidence to suggest that wearing a magnetic bracelet will harm the baby. There was a study in 2002 into the affect of magnetic bracelets on unborn babies and the results were inconclusive. 

If you are reluctant to take the word of a study and you are still unsure if you should wear the bracelet, then there is no harm in asking your medical practitioner if he or she recommends wearing the bracelet or not.




When investigating whether the magnetic bracelet will harm the baby or not you have to look at the strength of the magnet inside the bracelet. Now the strength of magnets inside jewellery has been compared to a general fridge magnet. 

Since you aren’t worried about staying away from the fridge, you should not be worried about wearing the bracelet. You might even find that it helps with the morning sickness. 

However, if you do not want to leave anything to chance, you could leave wearing the magnet for the first few months of the pregnancy and then once the baby is a little bit stronger and you know that there is a strong heart beat; you can start wearing the bracelet again. Again, if in doubt, ask your doctor.

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