Magnetic Jewellery and Depression

June 30, 2014 2 min read

Depression is quite a debilitating mental illness. People who don’t suffer from it think that it is just a way to get out of going to work, when it is actually a very serious condition. 
People that suffer from depression will tell you that they have trouble even getting out of bed in the morning. They won’t want to see other people and the things that used to make them happy, now only fill them with anxiety. 

Medical Treatment 

The problem with depression is that there is no clear treatment for it. If you were to go to a doctor, they might give you some anti-depressants and then that will be it. 
You might take them and feel a lot better, but once you stop the medication, the depression will return. This is because with medication, it is just masking the symptoms. They are not treating the cause of the depression at all. 

Magnetic Treatment 

Some studies have found that people with depression have seen some benefits in having magnetic therapy, with some cognitive therapy. These sessions will last 30-40 minutes and will involve the use of some form of magnetic therapy. 
Even though there is no scientific evidence that magnetic therapy actually treats the depression, sufferers are advised to stick with whatever treatment works for them. 
Some sufferers have gone on to say that they have then continued to wear magnetic jewellery after their therapy sessions had finished. This is because they felt that the jewellery helped them with their depression. 
In these cases, the magnetic bracelet has become a safety net for them, so it could be the placebo affect, where they believe it will work, so it does. There might not be any merit to effectiveness of magnetic therapy at all. But, if it works for them and saves them many years of suffering, then no one has any right to tell them that the bracelets so not work.X


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