Magnetic Bracelets & Golf

July 07, 2014 2 min read

It can happen to even the most seasoned golf enthusiast: After extended hours of putting, stroking and diving, pains in the wrist as well as in other areas such as the elbows may appear. Frequently, those pains can make the golfer's life quite miserable.

There are those golfers who treat their pains with over-the-counter drugs such as Ipuprofen or similar medications. Needless to say, this is hardly an optimal solution since even those widely-used drugs can have negative side effects and should not be taken for longer durations anyway according to medical professionals.

Fortunately, those three most commonly experienced health issues amongst golfers (wrist pains, elbow pains and carpal tunnel syndrome) can be treated effectively with magnetic bracelets.

Many professional golfers and athletes are reporting that magnetic therapy can relieve and even prevent the pain that often comes with sporty activities such as golf.

Some of the more reputable vendors for magnetic jewellery today offer special magnetic bracelets that are perfect for golf and other activities.

Normally, those types of bracelets may be somewhat more robust as compared to the "normal" types. Magnetic bracelets for golfers are moreover lightweight so they won't hinder you while you swing and put. They may also be made from stretchy materials so they're always fitting snug and can't be lost. Aside from those differences which make those bracelets ideal for golf they provide the same health benefits as classic magnetic jewellery: They are very effective to relieve joint pains and muscle pains and this is the main reason many golfers today prefer to wear them.

Infiniti Pro's SportEx series of bracelets is very popular amongst golfers and extreme sports enthusiasts today although they can be worn for virtually any type of sport. Those magnetic bracelets are ultra-light and weigh only 10 grams. The three magnets in these bracelets are encapsulated water-proof within the stretchy and very soft silicone band. Infinity Pro has those sportive magnetic bracelets available in many attractive colors.

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