Sea Sickness Treatments That Actually Work

July 30, 2014 2 min read

Sea sickness, also known as motion sickness or travel sickness affects a lot of people. In our society where the economy has gotten global and traveling from one country to the other has become very common, suffering from sea sickness obviously can pose big problems.

You certainly don't want to arrive at your desired destination where you may meet up with your clients while you might feel sick, unwell and nauseous. For that exact reason, treatments for sea sickness have become rather popular today.

Today's conventional sea sickness treatments to remedy the symptoms such as nausea or dizzyness are drugs that can range from antihistamines or various pain killers up to and including sedatives.

On the other hand, there are several problems with administering such drugs: First, in many cases those medicines only treat the symptoms like nausea or headaches that's causes by travel without really addressing the underlying problem. Secondly, as with almost any drug, there can always be negative side effects.

Because of those above reasons, more people are now looking into alternative sea sickness treatments without harmful chemicals. Let me list a few of those treatments that can help you if you suffer from this condition.

* Acupuncture & Acupressure

Astonishing results have been reported in the treatment of travel sickness from people who undergo regular acupuncture or acupressure sessions. The advantage here is that there are no drugs and therefore no side-effects. If you're interested in remedying your sea sickness with acupuncture you can contact your local alternative health practitioner. Consult them to find out whether acupuncture would be for you.

*Natural Remedies

Some sufferers of motion sickness swear by all-natural remedies. Among those natural remedies you can try would be ginger that is said to be very effective against symptoms such as nausea. You can try ginger tea or over-the-counter medicines such as capsules with powdered ginger.

* Magnetic Bracelets or Ionic Power Bands

While the exact modus-operandi how those bands work to treat sea sickness is not known, there is evidence that wearing them can greatly help reducing many of the symptoms. A good number of companies today offer magnetic bracelets or ionic arm bands as an alternative form to treat sea sickness. Travelers today swear by their effectiveness and report that their sea sickness has either entirely vanished or at least the symptoms have gotten far less pronounced.

Try out some or all of the above treatment methods if you suffer from sea sickness. There is no reason to put up with harmful drugs and chemicals if you can naturally relieve all the symptoms!

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