Infinity Pro Visits Team Evolution in Austria

March 01, 2012 2 min read

Our Trip to Austria

We got a call a few weeks ago from the ski training academy we sponsor - Team Evolution - inviting us to go out and visit them at their training base in Austria! 

Never one to turn down a free (ish) trip we jumped at the offer, booked our flights and got ready for a few days of downhill action with the team! 

Team Evolution are an elite training academy for the next big ski sensations in the UK. Many of their athletes are #1 in the UK for alpine ski racing and they train incredibly hard to achieve such merits! We sponsor Team Evolution with Infinity Pro wristbands and apparel to help them to perform at their best on the piste ;-) 

Anyway. The day of the flight comes and myself (Robbie, Director of Infinity Pro) and Amy (Marketing Manager at Infinity Pro) met up with Miranda from Zaini Hats (they also sponsor Team Evolution) to grab our short 1hr 30m flight from London to A


For some reason, we had very little haste that morning and neglected our time a little bit! 

Here's a photo of our plane ... leaving without us! 

That's right, even with all the negative ions flying around us, we still managed to miss our flight. Maybe we're just a little too chilled out! Who knows :-)

We grab the next available flight - which we almost miss as well because it was so close to the one we missed - and on to Austria we go! 

Team Evolution have their training base in Alpendorf, near Salzburg in Austria. It's a beautiful place steeped in history and covered in the thickest snow I've ever seen ... we even drove past one of Hitlers Castles!

A fab couple days of skiing ensued and I tried my hand at slalom skiing while wearing a Team GB Racing Lycra Catsuit! I got some funny looks, especially as my skiing skills aren't exactly the best! 

Max Moss and Max Baggio (two of the best junior skiers in the UK) showed us their skills, dashing down the hill at ridiculous speed while narrowly avoiding 5 foot metal poles sticking out of the snow - apparently getting as close as they can and smashing the pole down is classed as fun?! Crazy (but very impressive) more like! 

We also visited the Red Bull Museum in Salzburg which was very impressive indeed! Two hangars filled with awesome boys toys - Planes, F1 Cars, Wingsuits, Bombers ... and it's all used by Red Bull for events they do world wide! Very, very cool! 

All in all it was a great little 3 day trip, even if we did miss the flight! 

Next time we'll check the time and get our rush on a little bit more ;-)

Thanks for reading!

Infinity Pro

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