Golf Bracelets

October 18, 2013 1 min read

Golf Bracelets


To improve you golf swing, first you need to find your natural swing rhythm.

There are a number of drills you can practice for this, follow the steps below to try this recommended exercise:

1)    Line up 6 tees about 5 inches apart from each other in the ground.

2)    Swing you club forwards and backwards in a continuous motion just away from your tees.

3)    Now walk along the line clipping each tee out of the ground.

4)    This should be repeated three or four times to find a pace that is best for you to be able to swing and keep well balanced with good club speed.

Another useful exercise is to practice your swing in slow motion, in a much gentler motion than you would normally swing. Start with a speed of about 10% of your normal swing, and each time you hit it build up the speed until optimum rhythm and balance is met.

Other golfers wear Ionic and magnetic bracelets to help give them the competitive edge. There are many golf bracelet reviews you can read online, which list all the benefits of both golf bracelets for men and golf bracelets for women.

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