Do you struggle when getting out of bed, feel exhausted and sleepy during working hours?

April 28, 2017 1 min read


Before you can effectively re-energize before going to work, you need to first determine how to gain your energy on a daily basis.

healthy food

Balance diet Eating the right food can help to ensure your vitamin and mineral needs are met.Add a handful of almonds, cashews or hazelnuts to your daily diet. Better to increase your intake of whole grains, mainly bran cereal. Eat more fish rather than meat!



Walk around the block Expert says that increasing physical activity in particular of walking can increase energy. A daily 10-minute walk has a big effect on our body and when this routine continued for three weeks the energy level and mood will be lifted.


Have an 8-hour sleep After a good night sleep, you are ready to face the world with confident! After all, sleep makes us feel better, it is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, can benefit your heart, weight, mind and more energy.

Don’t skip breakfast Eating a good and healthy breakfast can have a better mood and have more energy through tout the day. Missing any meal during the day led to an overall greater feeling of fatigue.

reduce stress


Reduce stress and deal with anger According to Baard-Sports Psychologist at Fordham University “Stress is the result of anxiety and anxiety uses up a whole lot of our energy”. Stress can leave you mentally and physically exhausted.

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