Staff Top Picks

Presenting our "STAFF PICK" bracelets. 

We've got plenty of different bracelets to choose from but to help narrow it down for you here are our most popular bracelets as chosen by our staff and based on customer feedback/reviews. 

If you're looking for a silicone bracelet, comfortable for 24/7 wear and with a high negative ion output then look no further than the NEO adjustable magnetic bracelet. It's a new addition so the number of reviews are low BUT don't let that put you off. It's our most comfortable bracelet to date, easy to use and wear. With one massive magnet in the middle of the bracelet + over 4000 negative ions, it's a very powerful piece of kit. 

Want something a little more fancy with loads of magnets, premium quality titanium and a decent negative ion output ... then go for the Titancore range of bracelets. They're completely adjustable with the supplied tool so can fit any wrist and the slim profile means they're comfortable to wear all the time.