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Yes. You can pay securely either through Paypal or our credit/debit card processor which is Stripe. 

Stripe is one of the world's largest and most secure payment providers. 

You can also pay with Apple Pay.

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The Bracelets

If you've bought a bracelet that needs resizing then you can follow the instructions here:


If you've bought a Neo silicone bracelet then there is nothing to adjust, simply choose the size hole when fastening onto your wrist.

If you've bought a leather bracelet then the sizes for these are fixed, no adjustment. 

We've sold 100s of 1000s of bracelets to customers around the world for various reasons.

Customers report improvements in sleep & reduction in pain among other benefits (read reviews).

Infinity Pro's products are categorised as Alternative or Complimentary Health products and use magnetic ionic therapy, deemed a ‘no health risk’ by the World Health Organisation. Because of the increasing popularity of complementary and alternative medicine — nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults report using it — doctors are learning more about these nonconventional approaches.

When doctors use the term “alternative medicine,” they’re referring to practices not typically used in conventional Western medicine. Exactly what’s considered alternative medicine changes constantly as more treatments undergo study and move into the mainstream. When an alternative medicine therapy is used in addition to — not instead of — conventional therapy, it’s called complementary.

We cannot make any claim that any of our products will prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose illness.

If you believe you have a health problem, you should consult a doctor or health professional.

All of our bracelets work in the same way using magnets, negative ions or both. 

The only difference between our products is the style. 

They will all work in the same way and you should get the same results regardless of which style you choose. 

So pick one that suits you. 

The active ingredients embedded within our products (negative ion emitting minerals or magnets) do not deplete in power over time. So as long as you look after your bracelet you can enjoy the benefits for many years to come. 

Some of our bracelets have an adjustable design so you won't need to pick a size when ordering. 

The titanium "Titancore" bracelets are completely adjustable with the tool provided. 

The Neo silicone bracelets are adjustable to a point, consult the size chart on the product page when ordering to choose your base size. 

The Magnacore and Ion Core bracelets are a completely adjustable design with only the one base size. 

Our leather range of bracelets come in different sizes. Check the size chart on the page when ordering. 

The bracelet doesn't need to be tight in order to work, it is personal preference as to how tight or loose you wear it. 


Most customers leave their bracelets on 24/7 to get maximum benefit. 


All of our bracelets are waterproof and you can swim, bathe and shower in them. 

Warm soapy water is fine or when in the shower/bath simply give it a clean then. 

We advise not to put into the washing machine or dryer. 


Many customers wear more than one bracelet. 

Yes you can.

One of the main reasons people buy and wear our bracelets is to improve sleep, so wearing to bed is recommended. 

Unfortunately no. 

Magnets should not be worn if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant. 

If unsure please consult a doctor. 

If your watch is electronic (Apple watch etc) or has a battery powered quartz movement then yes you can wear alongside your watch.

If you have a manually wound or automatic watch then we suggest wearing your bracelet on the other wrist to avoid magnetic inteference with the movement.  


You would need to choose an appropriate size as the ankle is much larger than the wrist. 

Our XL sizes are typically OK but double check your ankle measurement before ordering. 



We include 12 months warranty with all our products.

If your items develops a fault please contact us at 

As with any alternative therapy product, they may not work for everyone. 

To save you having an expensive paper weight we will happily take back any bracelet/item which doesn't work as hoped and issue a full refund.

Just email us at to arrange your return and refund. 

In the case of a product not working for you ... we hope you find something that does.