How To Size Your Ion Bracelet

In this video we show you how to size your Infinity Pro Ion Core bracelet.
These instructions are the same for both our Ion Core and Magnacore adjustable bracelets. 

How To Size Your Prestige Series Titancore Bracelet





  1. Take your bracelet and undo the little rectangular clasp, it will lift up from one end. 
  2. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and overlap each end. Count the links that overlap in order to determine how many you will need to remove.
  3. Firstly you will need remove the end of the bracelet (the link without the rectangle clasp attached). To do this take your sizing tool, turn the wheel to undo it and place the bracelet into it, with the magnets facing upwards.  
  4. Line the pin up with the hole in the side of the bracelet and turn the wheel to push the pin out of the bracelet.
  5. The pin will poke out from the other side. Remove it and the end link will come off of the bracelet. Put these to one side for the time being. 
  6. Now repeat this process and remove the number of links required to get the correct fit. For example if you need to remove two links then remove the pin from the second link and so on. Keep these safe incase you need them in the future. 
  7. Put the end link back onto the bracelet, push the pin back through the hole and push the end of it against a hard surface (or the underside of your sizing tool) to secure the pin in place. 



  • The pins should come out easily from your bracelet HOWEVER if you find any that are a little tight you may need to use a pair of pliers or something that will give you better grip (than your fingers) to remove the pin. 9 times out of 10 they will come out easily but if you do get stuck simply use pliers, grips or anything else you can apply more pressure to the pin with.


  • If you have trouble putting a pin back into the bracelet there are two things to check: 
  1. That the pin is facing the right way. One end is noticeably smaller than the other, push this end into the bracelet first. 
  2. If it is a little tight to go back in then you can use the sizing tool to push the pin back into the hole. Simply align it the other way around and push the protruding pin back into the bracelet by twisting the wheel, it should pop back in. If it doesn't then a tap with a hammer or something hard and heavy will put the pin back into place without too much effort or hassle.