Negative Ions


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The Tourmaline we embed within each Infinity Pro Power Band naturally emits high levels of negative ions

There are other power band and magnetic band brands out there who claim that their bands emit "the most negative ions". 
However :-) We're quite smug in that our's are the highest output bands on the market! You won't find a higher output negative ion wearable product anywhere in the world! 
Our products emit a varying degree of negative ions:
The Infinity Pro Power Bands emit over 4000 negative ions per cubic centimetre per second. (Video Below)

Infinity Pro Ionic Shamballa Bracelets emit around 2600 negative ions. (Video Below)

Our Pet tags also emit around 2600 negative ions. (Video Coming Soon)

iPhone cases come in at around 2000 negative ions. (Video Coming Soon)

To best understand the effects of negative ions, it’s important to understand the effects that positive ions have on our bodies.  
High concentrations of positive ions (and the lack of negative ions) are associated with most of the environmental stressors found in our daily lives, such as exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, pesticides, dust and soot, and the radiation released by high-voltage power lines, computers, cell phones and electric appliances, to name a few. These positive ions create free radicals.
Tourmaline converts moisture in the air into negative ions which neutralize the free radicals created by positive ions. 

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