Why Infinity Pro?

With so many "Power Bands" on the market
Why Choose Infinity Pro?

Tourmaline Concentration

Infinity Pro Ionic Wristbands emit the highest concentration of negative ions of any bracelet on the market. At an average of 4000 negative ions per second for our Infinity Pro Power Bands - we are the best and we have the strongest wearable ionic product in the world! And that's not just "The Strongest Power Band" - no other product releases anywhere near the level of negative ions that Infinity Pro does - whether it be metal, silicone, wood, plastic or ceramic - no one else even comes close!

We use the highest silicone to tourmaline ratio that we possibly can to ensure that each wristband sustains our negative ion output requirements. If we put any less ... the bands wouldn't cut it. If we put any more ... well ... we can't put anymore! We are MAX Strength for MAX Output! 



There are many other "power bands", "balance bands" and "energy bands" on the market, but which one do you choose? 

Our products are stylish, modern and on trend. Everything we produce from our Ionic Power Bands to our gorgeous ion shamballa bracelets, look great and are fantastic quality. We are constantly on the look out for new and exciting styles to bring you so by choosing Infinity Pro you'll know there'll always be something fresh just around the corner! 

Video Proof

See the video below. Each of our ionic wristbands emits around 4000+ negative ions per cm³ per second and we frequently test our stock to ensure that any new batches have the same (or better) readings. 

Watch our genuine test videos below and on each product page while you shop.


Safe To Wear

Infinity Pro ionic wristbands DO NOT CONTAIN MAGNETS ... So are perfectly safe to wear if you're pregnant or wear a pacemaker. 

The Infinity Pro MAGNACORE Bracelets DO CONTAIN MAGNETS and therefore are not safe for use if you're pregnant or have a pacemaker. 



We are a UK based organisation and are not selling someone else's product. We have distributors throughout the World and are here for the long run!


If you don't feel any effects from wearing an Infinity Pro wristband then don't worry! We give a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you buy one, try it, and don't find that it does anything for you, just send it back for a full refund! No questions asked.


Customer Service

We pride ourselves on 10 Star Customer Service (because 5 Star just doesn't give us enough credit!) We can be reached by Email, Phone, Facebook or Twitter so whichever way you want to get in touch, there'll always be a friendly, helpful response at the other end. Our Contact Page is here


We get Genuine testimonials from REAL PEOPLE every week on our Facebook pages and by phone and email. You can read some of them here.

Safe and Fast

Our systems use the very best in encryption technology when taking payment online or over the phone - it is 100% safe and secure to order from us. Not only that but we process all orders placed before 3pm on the same day (excluding weekends and holidays) and everything is sent by 1st Class Royal Mail which is usually a next day service within the UK.


We're real people - just like you. We're fun, we're humorous, we're witty. We have dogs, cats and one of the team even has a tarantula (she's a bit weird)! 

We have a thriving community on Facebook and we'd love to get to know you more. So come join us on Facebook, post up your feedback on Infinity Pro or just get involved with our competitions and conversations. We post up interesting stuff all the time, not just related to our products (it would be a bit tedious if all we talked about was "power this, power that"!)