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  • 30 Day Money Back Results Guarantee
  • High Quality, Surgical Grade Materials
  • Waterproof
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • UK Based - Excellent Service
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What is a "Second" bracelet?

A manufacturer second is a bracelet with small cosmetic defects or marks on the outside of the bracelet and does not come in a packet.

You will receive:

  • 1 x Ion Core Bracelet
  • 1 x Clasp
  • 1 x Instruction card and tape measure 


Typical cosmetic defects include:

  1. Silicone overrun on details of the bracelet.
  2. Marks on the hologram
  3. Misaligned holograms
  4. Marks on the silicone

The bracelet will be perfectly functional.

Some marks are more obvious than others and the majority of bracelets will only have one mark.

Any imperfections are only cosmetic - you will receive a fully functioning bracelet which will not have a shorter life than a perfect bracelet. We do not sell faulty items as seconds - only ones with cosmetic imperfections. 

From every batch of bracelets produced there will be some with slight marks, which we can't sell as perfect, so they're here at bargain prices for you to enjoy. 

Second's sell quickly and past customers of these bracelets are often surprised at what we class as a second - we're very strict! So to the untrained eye the bracelet you receive will probably look perfect :-) 


We've redesigned our flagship "ionic power band" into the new ION CORE adjustable bracelet equipped with a stylish hypoallergenic stainless steel clasp and anti-snap technology.

Our ION-CORE bracelet is made from surgical grade silicone combined with our unique blend of precious minerals (Tourmaline, Titanium & Germanium) giving you a comfortable silicone band with an ion power rating of over 4000 negative ions, making it one of the most powerful ionic wristbands in the world.

The Ion Core bracelet ships with our comfortable, slimline,  robust, waterproof, lightweight hypoallergenic stainless steel clasp so you can simply slide it on and off your wrist without the need to stretch the wristband. 

Stretching often causes weakness within the silicone of bracelets, which over time can lead to snapping. As you no longer need to stretch the wristband to take it on and off, your bracelet will last indefinitely for many happy years of use.

Your ION CORE bracelet is adjustable so you can create the perfect custom fit to suit you.Your ION CORE will come with everything you need to get started but you will need a pair of scissors to shorten the wristband (you can watch the help video below - coming soon - to see how easy it is to shorten your bracelet to fit you.)

The ION CORE can be shortened to a minimum of 13.5cm and the maximum size is 23cm (diameter of the bracelet when fastened together.) From years of experience this size range will fit the majority of people apart from small children who would be better suited with an Ion Booster anyway.

  • 4000+ Negative Ions
  • Tourmaline, Titanium & Germanium Infused Silicone
  • Adjustable Custom Fit
  • Anti-Snap Design
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Clasp
  • Waterproof
  • Flush Lettering
  • 24 Hour a Day Wearability
  • 30 Day Results Guarantee
  • FREE Worldwide Shipping
  • 1 Year Warranty
More Info

What is an ION CORE Bracelet?

An ION CORE Bracelet is a silicone based band worn by anyone who is looking to increase the levels of negative ions around them. These bands are worn by athletes for sporting activites as well as the elderly for help with their day to day lives and of course everyone in between who is looking to get a little lift!

Our ion wristbands are manufactured from a mixture of surgical grade silicone and semi-precious gemstones including tourmaline, titanium and germanium. Tourmaline is renowned for it's natural negative ion releasing properties.

How Many Negative Ions?

The Infinity Pro Ionic Power Band releases approxiamately 4000 negative ions per second per cm3.

This makes it one of, if not the, most powerful wearable negative ion wristband in the world today.

Who can wear an ION CORE Bracelet?

Anyone can wear an Infinity Pro Power Band.

Our Negative Ion Power Bands are 100% waterproof and are designed to be used for all types of sports including water sports.

An Infinity Pro Power Band isn't just for the budding athlete - we have countless customers ranging from the very young to the very old.

We recommend wearing them all day long even during your sleep!

Why should I buy Infinity Pro?

We are a UK based company with fantastic customer support and great quality products.

There are many ion bands and brands out there but we pride ourselves on being one of the best based on customer reviews and the fact that our bands come up trumps against most other brands when it comes to ion output.

We're a social bunch who love to interact with our customers on Facebook and other Social Media platforms!

Shipping is fast and FREE worldwide plus we accept all major debit and credit cards through our secure payment processor.

We are one of the most reviewed ion health companies in the world so if you're looking for peer based evidence that these products can help you then just have a read through of our reviews here.

We look forward to serving you soon!

What will an ion/magnetic band help me with?

Due to strict advertising guidelines we aren't allowed to make any health claims regarding our products.

This is the same for any holistic company selling medical devices (including magnetic jewellery and ion bracelets).

This is why you won't find us shouting from the roof tops making all sorts of claims!

However we are allowed to publish independent customer reviews in an unedited form ... and we have 100's of those! So if you've not been told about our products by someone who has experienced a change from wearing a band then please head on over to our review section where you will find countless genuine reviews from real customers all over the world.

Magnetic and ionic products are approved for health applications in many hospitals around the world including Japan where negative ions are used to treat all kinds of illnesses.

Not only that but, and increasingly so, doctors in the UK are prescribing magnetic jewellery to clients as a complimenting therapy to traditional medicine.

So with our 30 day money back guarantee (which we've stood by without question since we formed in 2010) you really have nothing to lose in trying an ionic wristband ... whatever you may be trying to achieve by wearing it!
In this video we show you how to size your Infinity Pro bracelet.
These instructions are the same for both our Ion Core and Magnacore adjustable bracelets. 

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    Milan T.

    This review concerns the cheaper,

    This review concerns the cheaper, slightly 'off' Infinity Pro Neg Ion bracelets that are effectively seconds - they say the emblem may be slightly off centre etc. From my experience this is not the only factor that makes them seconds as the thickness of the silicon also isn't to spec which makes applying the clasp quite hard as it won't bite into the silicon so the processs of assembling it is rather bothersome. I have bought the full price ones and they are fine (though too expensive of recent) and have tried the 'seconds' but must say am disappointed - they should be far cheaper for what they are, unfortunately the price hikes on the 'up to spec' ones i feel makes them too expensive now. It is an interesting product that I feel does have health and well-being qualities. The company should review its pricing however.

    Cynthia R.

    My sleep is much improved

    My sleep is much improved , I am awake less during the night and the quality of my sleep seems better. I am very pleased with my bracelet. My husband also wears one , his quality of sleep is improved , his bedclothes are hardly disturbed by morning whereas in the past they would be on the floor. A friend feels that her stress levels are less and her sleep better.

    Cynthia R.

    All my friends to whom

    All my friends to whom I gave a bracelet are having beneficial results. My husband now sleeps more quietly and his duvet stays in place , whereas before it would be half off the bed. A friend finds that stressful situations are no longer stressful. My quality of sleep is much better and I have fewer wakeful times. I can get back to sleep again after the nocturnal call of nature . We are all very happy with Infinity Pro.

    Susan N.

    Easy to adjust. Can't see

    Easy to adjust. Can't see any defects to make it a second which is good. Remains to be seen if it improves sleep but I'm hopeful.

    Sue M.

    Arrived quickly perfectly adequate

    Arrived quickly perfectly adequate

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